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Prik Ka Gluea Opening Ceremony! Vee & Pancake Reunite!

Pancake confirm and so in the ceremony of Prik Ka Gluea. She'll be playing with pra'ek Vee again. She'll probably be filming this one and Nang Fah Mafia at the same time, also probably with Tawee Pope too. For Tawee Pope, I don't know when will it air now, since they'll be adding two more episodes. Okay, back to Prik Ka Gluae, I hope you all already know what's the story line, sicne this one is a remake. And brother Putter, will be starring in this one with his sister Pancake too. Other caststhat are include (confirm) in here are, Putter, May P., Marasri Namwaan K., Golf A., and Noon Sinitra.

Nang Fah Mafia [Fitting] Weir & Pancake Reunite Again!

This must be popular and gossip all along Thai netizens, since it's Weir and Pancake again. (LOL) Pancake and Weir reunite in Nang Fah Mafia (The Angel and the Mafia) it was produce by Kantana. May 31, 2011, was the fitting, it's today! Aren't Pancake and Weir looks pretty good together?(j/k) Eh, but for some reason, I also miss them too. Okay, in this lakorn, Weir will be a rich boy running out of the house, due to thinking that his step-mother killed his twin brother, there he went and meet a chief then later become an undercover police, he went and meet Pancake, she's an air hostess, later they have to marry due to some promises, since Weir step-mom is Pancake life saver, since she raised Pancake. So yeh, they marry, and more dramas will happen. I'm pretty excited for this lakorn too, but still have a feeling of old lovers. (LOL)

Tawee Pope Air after Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon!

Rumors to be that Tawee Pope will be airing after Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon, starring Weir and Jui. I hope that Tawee Pope will air after that lakorn, because it's been filming eversince way before November, and now it's like 6 months now, and it haven't air. I do understand their consequences that their director died, but it should've been air like last month already, since it's been filming so long now. I hope that Tawee Pope will have high ratings as the old one too, since remakes always have high ratings as to dramas. But since Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon just aired, we'll have to wait a little bit longer though, huh (sigh), I think I'm tire now.

Prik Ka Gluea, If she Confirm!

Stated that actress, Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn, will be starring and been selected to be in Prik Ka Gluea, co-starring with actor Vee Veraparb. Thanks to SweetPancake forum, the title is translated as Pepper and Salt. I think it'll be comedy and romance, lol. But actress Pancake, she don't really have the adittude to act for comedy. (lol) But I really have high hopes for this one to be confirm, I also miss Pancake and Vee too. Which Pancake status always said she's filming, but she haven't give out a news about filming this one, so I think she must film some other lakorns too, but just haven't got the time to spill it out.
thanks to spicyforum/sweetpancake, for article.